Saints Coastal Regatta

Saints Regatta 2022 will be moving to its new form, Saints Coastal Regatta, as the club ventures into the coastal rowing world and St Andrews becomes a premier coastal rowing venue.​

14 – 15 May 2022
  • East Sands Beach, St Andrews

The University of St Andrews Boat Club, with the University of St Andrews and Scottish Rowing, is pleased to announce Saints Coastal Regatta 2022.

This will be the first Coastal Rowing event of its kind in Scotland, with training and racing on Saturday and racing on the Sunday, including the selection event for Home International Coastal Scotland Team.

The training day will teach fine boat rowers the basics of Beach Sprints racing, with a chance to practice in Mixed Quads and relays, before formal racing over 250m on the Saturday Afternoon and on Sunday.

Events offered

  • Women’s Coastal 1x
  • Men’s Coastal 1x
  • Mixed Coastal 2x.

There will also be age category events for juniors.

Entry fees

  • M/W C1x: £30
  • Mix C2x: £50

The Entry fee includes the training session and informal Saturday racing.

Entries closed

Entries for this year’s Saints Coastal Regatta have now closed.

Beach Sprints

Beach Sprints is an emerging international discipline that starts with a sprint on the beach of between 10m and 50m. After entering the boat, the boat slaloms around two buoys then turns around a third buoy at 250m and rows straight back to the beach before one of the rowers exits the boat and runs to the finish line.


Saturday: training and informal racing:

  • Mixed 4x+
  • Mixed Relay (CM1x, CMix2x, CW1x)

Sunday: formal racing:

  • W1x, M1x, Mixed 2x (all including Junior)
  • Includes the selection event for the Home International Regatta (HIR) Beach Sprints Scotland Team

Boats (but not blades) provided.

Saints Regatta EVENT NOTICE

Get in touch

If you would like more information about the Home International Rowing (HIR) Beach Sprints event, please contact the Director of Rowing or the Boat Club’s regatta committee.